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Catan Extension for 5-6 Players (Hebrew edition)

Allows you to add up to two more opponents to The Settlers of Catan. The only change in the rules is

Catan: Cities & Knights (Hebrew edition)

Adds several new aspects to Settlers of Catan but the two major ones are creating knights to protect the land from invading

Catan: Explorers & Pirates (Hebrew edition)

Language Hebrew
Number of players 3-4
Publisher הקוביה
Time in minutes 75 minutes
Type of game board game

Catan: Seafarers (Hebrew edition)

This is an expansion for The Settlers of Catan. Players can build shipping lanes, which are very similar to roads. Additionally,

Catan: Traders & Barbarians (Hebrew edition)

Traders & Barbarians is distributed as the third major expansion for The Settlers of Catan, although it is actually a compilation of

Galaxy Trucker (Hebrew edition)

In the fast and goofy family game Galaxy Trucker, players begin by simultaneously rummaging through the common warehouse, frantically trying to

Illusion (Hebrew edition)

Can you trust your eyes? How much color do you really see? These questions are what drive gameplay in Illusion, with

Sheriff of Nottingham: 2nd Edition (Hebrew edition)

Will the Merchants get their goods past the Sheriff? The bustling market in Nottingham is filled with goods from all