1. The website (the “Website”) is operated by Hobby Land, ID 558529814 (“Hobby Land” or “the Company”) whose registered address is: Sderot haNassi, 109, Haifa.

Terms of purchase.

  1. If you need to get approval from any third party to perform a legal action, you declare and confirm that you have obtained the consent of the guardians, or a third party above to perform an action on the site.
  2. Making a purchase on the site, can be made by any user registered in these regulations and who meets the following criteria: (a) he has reached 18 years of age;  (B) has an e-mail box on the Internet;  (C) A user with a credit card or PAYPAL account that can be cleared by one of the credit companies that operate legally in Israel, and is valid on the day the transaction is performed.  However, the purchase can be made on the website, and the credit card details can also be provided using a password number (054) 751-67-73.
  3. Delivery of products and / or services will be made in accordance with the provisions of these Terms of Use.

4. Only the rules published in these terms of use will oblige the listing of the purchasers in the site store.

5. Hobby Land reserves the right to change these Terms of Use from time to time, however any change will only apply to products and / or services purchased after the change.

6. Payment for ordering products will be made by means of a valid credit card which can be cleared by one of the credit card or clearing companies that operate legally in Israel.

7. The card number and details will be required to be entered in the space provided.  In any case where the credit card company or the clearing company refuses to allow the collection to be collected, this will be considered as the cancellation of the order by the buyer and all the conditions stated below regarding the cancellation of the transaction by the buyer will apply.


  1. Products will be delivered and shipped within 7 business days.  Delivery dates will be calculated according to business days, is five working days a week, Sundays-Thursdays, and does not include Fridays, Saturdays, holiday eves and holidays.  In addition, the order day will not be included for the purpose of the business share for the supply of products, if done after 12:00.  At the same time, Hobby Land is doing its best to get ahead of the delivery time.

2. Alternatively, when ordering, you can choose the option of self-collection from one of the Hobby Land stores in Israel,      according to your choice, subject to the product being in stock in the store on time.

  1. Delivery of the product will be made by courier or postal service (at the discretion of Hobby Land) on behalf of the Israel Postal Company Ltd. and in accordance with its managers.
  2. Delivery and delivery of products will be made solely in accordance with the policy set forth in this document and / or the policy of the Israel Postal Company Ltd. and subject to the discretion of Hobby Land.  And will still be interested in purchasing the product, the product will be delivered to you at one of the Hobby Land stores in Israel as you choose at the time of order and subject to the product being in store. The customer is entitled to claim any compensation for any direct or indirect damage beyond the transaction value.
  3. At the bottom of the product page may appear a note regarding the limitation of delivery options of an item.  The restrictions are usually due to feeling a product for heat or cold, high fragility or high weight and so on.  Information and you have selected a product to which a delivery restriction applies – the restriction will apply to the entire shipment.  That is, if a particular product included in the shopping cart can only be self-collected – all that shopping basket will be limited to self-collection.  You have the option to split the order and separate the product subject to the delivery limit for a separate order.  Similarly, there is a limit to the amount of items for a single shipment of heavy items, or a different charge from the regular shipping charges.
  4. Products that you have selected for delivery and / or service through deliveries, they will be provided to write that you gave us to forward the purchase via courier or registered mail service on behalf of Israel Ltd. We are prevented from delivering deliveries, in any way, writes that she is P.O.
  5. Upon delivery, Hobby Land may request your presence at the place and time of delivery, and the presentation of your identity card and / or your signature on the credit card voucher and / or coupon, as a condition of delivery.  An additional product will not be shipped to you within 14 business days from the date of shipment specified on the website, you can cancel the transaction and return the full consideration paid in favor of its product.  Upon cancellation of the transaction, and receipt of the consideration back, you will have no claim or sue the site against the transaction.
  6. You are aware that in any case where the website and / or the details are unable to contact you in case of need to complete the order and / or delivery of the product, within 7 days from the date of purchase, this will be considered a cancellation of the purchase by you.  In this case, the site will not have to provide you with the product, nor will you have any claim and / or claim against the site or, in respect of the transaction under this section.
  7. In the event of exceptional transportation, at the sole discretion of Hobby Land or anyone acting on its behalf (such as transportation that cannot be performed by stairs or elevator, transportation that requires special equipment to perform or transportation to high floors), the full, full transportation cost will apply to the customer.